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Limited Time Offers
Winter has arrived and it's time for self-care! 
Stay active...and be kind to your body.

New Client Special

Book an Initial 75 or 90 Minute Massage Treatment Receive 10% OFF


Must be booked to receive treatment by

February 1, 2024

Offer ends February 1st, 2024

Tying Shoelaces
Mountain biking

Winter Self-Care Referral Discount  

After you have had an Initial Visit,

Refer a Friend or Family Member and

Receive 10% OFF

Your Follow-up Visit

If you refer a friend or family member to book for an Initial Visit, you will get 10% off a follow-up treatment.

Offer ends February 1st, 2024


  • Tell us the first and last name of the person you referred when you come in for treatment.

  • They have to come in for an initial treatment before you can get the discount.  

  • Discount only applies once for that friend or family member.. You can refer as many friends or family members as you like.

  • All treatments must be booked and completed by February 1st, 2024 for this discount to apply.

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